Looking for a Trusted Custom Essay Writing Agency: 5 Great Tips

If you are trusting your work (and reputation) and your money to custom writing agency these 5 tips may be what you need to put you on the right path.

  1. Recommendation. If other people have used the service and ad a good experience then they will be happy to share. Start by asking friends if they have used a writing agency, if they have used an agency that they recommend find out:
    • cost
    • time scale
    • would they use the agency again

    You may decide to find out more about the agency your friend used or you may decide to do a little more in-depth research. If you are looking online make sure that you pick out agencies that post customer comments.

    Not all comments will be totally favorable and that could be because a client may not have given specific instructions or it may be a genuine case of poor work. However, look at what the majority of customers are saying.

  2. Samples. If you are buying anything then obviously you would like to see it first. It does not matter if you are buying a pair of shoes or a cake; you will need to see the product first.
    • Be wary of agencies that will not give you access to samples.
    • You may have to sign up to the agency’s web site to enable you to see the sample. This should not require you to part with any money or to have to give bank or card details, it should simply ask for your email address.
    • Make sure that you access samples that are relevant to your needs.
  3. Check out the contact details.
    • If the agency can only be contacted through the website then you may better off looking for another agency. In the event of a problem you may need to contact them by phone especially if they are not processing their emails promptly.
    • Find out where the agency is located. Do they use local writers? Local writers may be excellent but if their first language is not the same as yours, there may be grammatical errors especially in technical writing.
    • Would you be able to have direct contact with your writer?
  4. Cost
    • Do they give a full breakdown of the cost?
    • Are there any hidden extras? (Some agencies will ask a higher price for proofreading, which should really come as a given).
    • Are they able to produce your essay within your tie limit?
  5. Satisfaction and guarantees. Even if the agency is well recommended and established it should have a procedure if things go wrong.
    • If you cannot find the procedure then ask.
    • Make sure that you read the procedure.
    • If the work does not meet your instructions, tell the agency.

Good Luck

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