Interesting Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

College students are often assigned to write argumentative essays. When faced with this task, you will need to show your creativity and imagination by choosing a topic that will impress both your professors and peers. Here are a few ideas that can inspire you:

  • Can torture be acceptable under certain circumstances?

    This topic is rather controversial, so you must be very careful when writing this paper. Keep your tone neutral and your language formal. Be sure to gather some solid evidence that will support your point of view. Use some examples from recent history.

  • Are standardized test scores adequate?

    Explain the changes in students’ psyches and approaches to studying caused by the popularization of technology and the Internet. Analyze the system of standardized scoring and determine whether it is capable of adequately evaluating the level of a person’s knowledge and skill today.

  • Should lotteries be banned?

    Look into some examples of lotteries used by governments to manipulate the population, and compare them to those that are used for charity. Try to offer a solution that will ensure that such a powerful force of influence on society is not misused.

  • Online child predators: should parents be more involved and control when they allow children to use the Internet?

    There are many dangers online and children may not be aware of them. Will more control from parents help reduce the number of crimes against children committed by using the Internet, or will it only alienate the kids? Offer some scientific evidence in your arguments.

  • Can free access to condoms reduce the number of teenage pregnancies?

    In this essay, you need to identify the reasons that are responsible for the number of teenage pregnancies. Offer a solution to this problem.

  • Do beauty pageants develop inferiority complexes in girls?

    Conduct a study that will help you find an answer to this question and provide you with solid evidence to support your arguments. Analyze the effects that pageants have on girls and the model of female beauty.

  • Can relationships with significant age differences between partners be genuinely successful?

    Study several examples and try to find some statistics to use as evidence. Determine what age difference can produce the best relationship. Offer your own explanation of this phenomenon.

  • Is a friendship between girls impossible?

    Determine whether it’s true that girls are too mean to each other to become true friends. Define what a “true friend” is and offer some examples of this kind of bond.

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