Civil Rights Museum

One of the best ways to commemorate a period of time in history is with a museum. A museum is a great way to allow future generations to study a period of time that was particularly influential. The Civil Rights Museum is one such museum and it offers a great deal of history on the subject. So what all is contained in the museum? Information that showcases why the movement was so influential to the world and how the character of a place was changed by the movement.

A student of American History will quickly see the ways that religious groups tended to influence the course of the nation. For example, social reform movements that looked to improve human and workers’ rights always have a religious group helping to foster the goals. The same can be said of civil rights movements, issues of self-rule, and the establishment of worker protection or even family-centered communities.

When we speak about the character of a place, we generally mean the physical attributes that make it appealing or unappealing to human inhabitants. Generally, these attributes play a strong role in the various economic, cultural, social and political elements that develop within a region or place. For instance, we might look at the character of the pre-Civil War south in the United States. It was an area in which vast tracks of land could be easily turned over to large-scale agriculture. The flood plain of the Mississippi, and the excellent soils of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginias all made it a region in which slavery “paid”.

This led to a political element that was strongly pro-slavery, an economy based on agriculture instead of industry, and a society in which nearly 50% of the population was completely disenfranchised (including women and African Americans). Obviously, the post-war period changed the economic, political and social elements, but there was a prevalent cultural gap until the post Civil Rights Movement period of the 1960s and 70s. Yet it was the physical character of the geographic region that led to all of these issues.

Overall there are many ways to commemorate a period of time that was influential but one of the best is with a museum. This enables future generations to learn all about what went on and how it shaped the world in which we live. The Civil Rights Museum is one such place and through it people can learn all about the world in which we lived.

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