A List Of 20 Good College Essay Topics Worth Writing About

Writing an essay in college is such a common assignment that you will get used to it very soon. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to be original every time. Your papers must make an impression, so you need to pick topics that will be both interesting and relevant.

Here are some essay topic suggestions you can consider:

  1. The greatest person to influence my life.
  2. This is a good topic for a narrative essay as it provides you with an opportunity to express what qualities you consider the most important in a person’s character as well as describe an individual you genuinely admire.

  3. The effect of sex education on teenage pregnancies.
  4. Study some statistics and determine whether these classes help to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies. Offer your own suggestions for solving this problem.

  5. How being impulsive affects your life.
  6. Is it normal to be impulsive from time to time? Where is the limit between impulsiveness and stupidity? Offer some real life examples to support your arguments.

  7. Vegetarians vs. meat eaters.
  8. Compare health issues caused by both diets. Which is the safest? What other differences in the lifestyles of vegetarians and meat eaters need to be considered?

  9. An arm for an arm: is this the right philosophy for life?
  10. Explain your personal position on this subject and offer some examples supported by statistical data to prove your point.

  11. What is the role of a man in a contemporary American family?
  12. Is studying in college really important to succeed in life?
  13. How does outsourcing to developing countries affect the American economy?
  14. Future predictions.
  15. Try to predict what life might be like in the year 2100 or any other. Why do you believe things should progress this way?

  16. What effect does the rise in popularity of violent films have on the rising crime level?
  17. Being content vs. being famous.
  18. What are the pros and cons of each? Which would you choose and why?

  19. The most important person in the world today.
  20. Is there such a person? Why do you believe he/she is so important?

  21. The most embarrassing moment of my life.
  22. Is homeschooling a good education program for children recovering from abuse?
  23. KFC or Burger King?
  24. Why should students be exempt from paying taxes?
  25. My neighbor is an alien.
  26. Do you think that corporal punishment should be reestablished in schools?
  27. Students should be offered some financial incentives to continue their studies.
  28. Should students be granted complete freedom when choosing their courses?

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