Writing Basics: the Main Requirements of Essay Paper Format

An essay usually has three basic components, which are mainly the introduction, body and the conclusion. An introductory paragraph of any essay paper is as important as a rest of the essay. What truly makes an essay attractive and worth reading is that how well its introductory paragraph has been crafted. Similarly the body and conclusion have their own value.

What is an introductory paragraph?

An introductory paragraph is a quick sneak peak of what your research is about. Its sole purpose is to develop reader’s interest and acquaint them with the basics of the essay. For example, you are writing a paper on the preventive methods to control small pox in the rural areas of your country. Your introductory paper would include s brief introduction about what is small pox and why do you want to study it particularly. Always remember a good introductory paragraph should be full of suspense revealing only little details not the entire story. This is the only part of an essay that needs formal and fancy words. The introductory paragraph for your essay is like dressing up someone. You will be judged on your dress before your personality.

What should an introductory paragraph constitute of?

A universal standard that being followed globally is:

  • Generic Statement

    Always start your introductory paragraph with a generic statement describing a universal viewpoint about the topic/issue addressed in your essay. For example, if you are writing about college students addiction to drugs start with a “Substance abuse whose social origins go back several hundred years. “

  • Thesis Statement

    Your essay should definitely consist of a well-formulated thesis statement stating your problem being discussed and a generic hypothesis as well.

  • Facts/figures/quotations

    Depending upon your research topic it is strongly advised that you used data in your research paper. If your essay is about substance abuse in college, students use some demographic stats to validate your findings and research.

  • Narrative

    If you are discussing some social issue, it is always a smart move to narrate some historical event to build a research base and develop rears interest.

In addition to this, make sure your intro paragraph is well structured and well connected. It should be brief yet exiting. Never reveal too much information. Make it reader friendly by asking questions, quoting people and examples. Proof read your intro paragraph before your proceed with the remaining essay

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