Essays on Population – Writing the Body of the Paper

Writing an essay is a process that includes a lot of different steps. You must take time with each step to make sure the end product is a quality paper that will earn you a good grade. Important steps include thesis creation, outlining, organizing topics, and creating a conclusion. Within the organization phase comes completing the body of the paper.

As you complete the body of your paper, regardless of its topic or subject matter, you must correctly map your discussion information. Using an outline is a good way to make sure your body makes sense and is a fluid part of your overall argument.

Writing the Body of a Population Essay

There are some simple steps you can take to make sure the body of your paper is clear:

  • Plan your information: Before you start writing, you should make notes of specific information that you would like to include within each discussion topic. This information can include statistics about population growth, information about trends in growth over certain periods, statistical data sets in chart or other forms, quotes from experts in the field of population study, or even anecdotal information provided by other sources.
  • List your sources: Before tackling your paper’s body, you need to have a list of what sources you are using. To avoid plagiarism and incorrect citations, have them prepared so that you can refer to them as you write. This will also save time as you can just plug in the information you have already created.
  • Set discussion topics: Mapping your discussion topics that will fill the body of the paper is also important. You need to know which arguments you are making – and which sources and citations need to be within that specific discussion area. This will also make writing much easier because you can write around the sources and discussion topics you have already created.
  • Create topic sentences: Topic sentences will make the transition from one point to another much clearer. They will also help you continually tie each point back to the thesis – which is critical if you want to create a consistent, relevant essay.
  • Review: The review process is critical to a good paper. You must review the piece as you go to make sure that all of your points tie together – and relate to the thesis. If you do this, your paper will be concise and easy to read. More review as you go along means less re-writing at the end of the process.

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