Finding Researchable Term Paper Topics in Business

When researching your next term paper on the topic of business, it will be incredibly helpful to consult academic databases, companies/experts and books for good research topics. By looking to these sources and examples, you will discover a topic with sources of research and support for your term paper.

Using academic databases can be helpful to locate research or scholarly articles possibly already written about your subject of business. Locate information and/or data from these databases for secondary support of your business topic. Also, looking to companies/experts for business topic ideas is a good idea too. By studying current or past businesses and the experts behind them, we can better understand the business world. Many of these business experts also have authored books on his or her life’s work. These books can also be strong sources for topics and/or research. Some topics that could be generated from these sources include:

  1. How to Tackle Real Estate Entrepreneurship?
  2. What are the best methods to go about being a real estate entrepreneur? What different kinds of entrepreneurs are there in the field of real estate, and how did they achieve their success?

  3. Why Does Employee Treatment Effect Prosperity?
  4. Companies that treat their employees well see a direct correlation between that treatment and their own prosperity. This make sense, but why is it true? What are some companies that can prove this theory?

  5. What are the Best Ways to Oversee Company Values?
  6. Company values are important to be established early on in a company. They help owners, management and employees stand on a common ground—all working toward certain values. How are these values best upheld throughout a companies growth?

  7. How do Pyramid Businesses Work?
  8. Are pyramid businesses lucrative for all employees? How do they work? What is the history of fraudulence behind pyramid businesses?

  9. Does California Breed Business Geniuses?
  10. Large companies and successful entrepreneurs often come from California. Has any research been done on this? Is there any correlation between geographic location and success rate?

    Topics like the ones presented above can be found in any of research sources we suggested: academic databases, companies/experts and/or books. Of course, these are not the only places business topics can be found. These are just a starting point for your brainstorming and research.

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