How To Create A Reflective Essay On Learning Disabilities

If you need help with this assignment, then you have come to the right place! Here are some great ideas to assist you in writing a great reflective essay about this subject.

What is it all about?

What exactly is a reflective essay then? Well, it’s quite a personal paper to write because it is about reflecting upon an experience from your own life and looking at how you changed or progressed as a result; you should also mention future goals that are relevant.

Selecting a topic.

You need to narrow down the topic before you begin to start writing. Whatever your personal experience may be with learning disabilities (such as: your sister has Down’s Syndrome, you have Dyslexia, you once visited a school for children with Autism, you once went to a rock concert by a band with Asperger’s syndrome, you watched a documentary about ADHD etc. etc.) you should think about the most important aspects which affected and changed you. Make some notes as you think it all through, before deciding on the specific part of the experience to focus on.

How to go about it?

Because reflective essays are based upon your own experiences, you should write from a first person narrative and provide plenty of descriptive content.

Get the structure right!

The structure of this type of paper on learning disabilities is the same as most- it should include an introduction, the text body and the conclusion.

Your introduction should be a paragraph in length, where you will state the purpose of the paper, what goals you hope to achieve in the work, and whether those goals are met.

The text body will discuss the experience in detail and reflect on your own personal development.

The conclusion should reiterate the factors that developed you and how you changed as a result. Come to a final summary, leaving the reader with a punch packed prose feeling and you won’t go far wrong!

Always make an outline first.

Remember to plan! Before you even start writing, you should have made an outline and plenty of notes, and figured out what is going where.

Write, edit and polish!

Write a first draft- but remember it is only the first! The more time you spend re-reading your paper and editing it where necessary along the way, the more polished your work will be. You should keep re-reading it until you are completely happy with it.

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