The Best Essay Structure - Writing Guidelines for Dummies

You could write the majority of your papers using the five paragraph essay format. It is the most common writing structure. It is designed to be used on most papers it contains all of the essential elements. It is the same format that you were taught back in second grade. You can expand on the general format of this essay structure for larger papers.

The five paragraph essay format is so easy to learn and even easier to utilize. You can use these guidelines to make sure that you are doing it properly.


The first paragraph is the introduction. It is designed to introduce the topic to your audience. You should include any vocabulary that you may need to explain to your audience if it is vocabulary specific to your topic. This paragraph will also include the thesis statement. The thesis is the main point of your paper. It is what your paper is all about.

Body paragraphs

The following three paragraphs consist of the body of the essay. They will be where you prove your thesis statement. Each of the three paragraphs will explain a different reason for believing your thesis. The first sentence will be your topic sentence. This is followed by your piece of evidence to prove your topic sentence. Followed by an explanation of your evidence. You should have at least two pieces of evidence to prove each reason.


The last paragraph is your conclusion. This is where you restate your thesis and your reasons. Do not just copy and paste for this section. It should be unique and more complex. The reader has the information now they just need to be reminded of the importance which is the thesis statement.

You want to make sure that you are using transitions in between the paragraph to help your paper flow. Transitions are bridge words or phrases that link one idea to the next. They let your reader know that you are switching topics. You can use a transition in the beginning of one paragraph or at the end of a paragraph. You can also use one at the beginning and the end. Your thesis can be considered a transition from the first paragraph to the second paragraph.

That wraps up your five paragraph essay style. It is a simple style to use and the best way to present your ideas.

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