What to know about writing definition essays

Writing a definition essay can be a bit of a challenge because it is an academic as well as personal endeavor. The task is to define a term and then to provide a personal spin or commentary about it as you develop the essay. Being able to show an application of the term from your point of view is the goal of the essay so that the reader understands how you are interpreting the term.
Some things to keep in mind with this type of essay are:

  • Selecting a topic carefully. Make the topic something that you feel the need to expand on or define in a slightly different manner than an accepted definition already in existence. Choosing topics that are emotionally charged can be great to explore.

  • Emotional topics like love and marriage can be good terms to use as a definition essays because they have a certain commonly acceptable definition, but there is room to expand and push upon the definitions with personal experiences.

  • Be sure to use specific illustrations for your points. This is important so that the reader follows the ideas brought forth in the essay.

  • Know your subject well so that the personal examples are realistic and easy to explain. The better you understand or know the topic, the better you may be able to articulate it in your essay. A knowledgeable writer can produce a good piece.

  • Consider the points in your essay. Make sure that you have ample points to flesh out your essay. Three or four should be enough to support the definition. If you find that you can not come up with that many points, it is possible that it is too broad or too narrow a topic.

  • Be sure that the topic isn’t too broad or too narrow to support the points.

Finally, be sure in your conclusion that you keep the attention of the reader by a restatement of the definition in the introduction and even any last emotions that this definition essay has evoked for you as the writer. The definition essay needs the structure of a good introduction, strong body points that support the initial definition from the introduction and then a good conclusion that brings closure for the reader. A carefully selected term that means something personally can be easy to expand upon and to write a great definition essay.

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