How to make your college essay stand out?

Pick a topic or theme that you can write about

One of the most essential things to think about when writing a college essay is that you pick a topic or theme that you can write about. What is important is that it is interesting, both for you and the reader. There are two reasons for this; firstly, if you pick something that is interesting to write about it be easier for you to write the essay and you’ll be more likely to produce a high quality piece of work. Secondly, and perhaps just as important, is that it is interesting to the reader. If you want something to stand out, then obviously you want whoever will read it to want to enjoy what they are reading.

Ideally, you would pick something that is original or unique; however, this isn’t always possible. Even if you are unable to think that topical thing that is original or unique, if you can try an input some ideas that are original then this can help work too. Ultimately, you want the reader to feel they have gained something from reading your work, whether this is an insight into a certain topic or simply the enjoyment from having read a well-crafted essay.

Preparation is essential to a great essay

Having decided on the topic that you wish to write about, it is then vital that you prepare properly. A poorly prepared piece of work will stand out for the wrong reasons and will lack the quality that will make the reader enjoy it and, therefore, whoever is marking it may ultimately give you a bad mark.

When you are preparing the work, it is best to research the topic thoroughly, as well as reading anything that is necessary to help you and then to plan exactly how you want the essay to turn out. Not only will this make for a great essay but it will also help you in writing it as well.

Do not expect the first draft to be perfect

Once you’ve written the first draft you may have had some decent ideas and some well-crafted content; however, do not expect it to be perfect straight away. Even the greatest essay writers will find it difficult to write the perfect essay in one go. Instead, re-read your work and go over it and make any necessary changes and expect to potentially have multiple drafts before you have an essay that you are completely satisfied with. In doing this, you can really help your essay to stand out and be a fantastic piece of work.

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