Where To Go Looking For A Quality Example Of A Descriptive Essay About A Person

If you need to write a descriptive essay about a person then you will first need to choose the person about whom you will base the work on. It may be that you wish to use yourself as the person who you are describing or, alternatively, you may use someone completely different. In fact, you may use a friend or family member or someone else that you know, or you may wish to use someone famous or well-known, despite not necessarily knowing then personally. In fact, you may even wish to describe someone who is no longer alive.

Before you begin writing your work, you may wish to look for good quality samples of descriptive essays, so as to give you a better understanding of how to complete the work. If this is the case, then you may be interested in reading the suggestions described below.

  • Search for samples that you can download
  • One of the first things you may wish to consider is looking for samples that can be downloaded from the Internet. You will generally have two choices; either you find work for free, or you might find work that you have to pay for. If you choose to use samples that are available for free, then you will be less likely to guarantee the quality of work, although you will save yourself money.

  • Looking for descriptive essays on essay writing competition websites
  • A great place to look for descriptive papers is on websites that provide essay writing competitions. Although you are not guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for, this style of academic paper is quite popular with these sorts of competitions, so it is entirely possible that you do find relevant samples that you can look at.

  • Looking for related content on personal blogs
  • If you’re struggling to find what you’re looking for based on the suggestions above, then you may wish to look at blogs that have been posted online. Although they may not necessarily follow the precise format of any paper that you need to write, you may well find some interesting ideas.

    Essentially, you want to be looking for personal blogs that have been written by individuals, potentially about themselves. Alternatively, you may well find plenty of other relevant websites that have content which describes different people, which can also be used for inspiration.

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