Martin Luther's Impact

Martin Luther was a professor of theology the University of Wittenberg – something that is most notable in his life for the contributions he made to the society both as a learner and a leader. He was prompted to act through the campaigns conducted to dispense indulgences that were launched through Johann Tetzel in Germany. His impact was mainly felt in the religious circles especially through his ninety five theses that he wrote to invite debate on issues of doctrine and practice. His action was not aimed at revolting against the already founded church but to form a movement that would cause a reformation from within. On the contrary, it was much more than an opposition to the grabbing of money and secular policies put forward by the clergy. Martin Luther had gathered much conviction already in some issues of doctrine concerning the purity of the historical church as perverted through self-seeking clergy and the popes.

His controversy with the church

In one of his contributions to the society, he largely disagreed with the church particularly on issues of some important elements of doctrine. He went further to deny the church’s authority on matters of religion. At one point, he was excommunicated by the Pope. His controversial moves were further explicated when he defied such excommunications that were also supported by the Holy Roman Emperor during that time Charles V. He instead issued strong pamphlets attacking the papacy together with the sacraments’ doctrine. Such a stand taken by Luther saw him get some followers which made him become an outlaw. All the same he would not succumb to such threats.

Effects created by Luther

First off, Luther caused a lot of changes and revolution in the church. He hit back at what seemed like people were buying their way to heaven. He started a revolution where people could read the bible on their own instead of waiting to hear it from the clergy in the church. Through the help of printing press, he made this a reality for many people. People’s eyes were opened and they could now begin to understand that God related with an individual on personal grounds and not with a mass or a congregation.

Luther is the reason why we have very many denominations to this day. Maybe, everyone would be Catholic today were it not for his efforts. The reformation age is an important part of history covering the whole story of Protestantism. He contributed a lot even to the freedom being experienced in the world today and most especially in the United States of America.

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