Elaborate Manual on Writing a Narrative Essay

The foundation of a narrative essay is personal experience. Going through this assignment is going to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about yourself. It is one of the best ways to reflect on who you are and how you have changed as a person. The basis of the writing piece should acknowledge how you've gained a new perspective or insight due to a personal experience. The awareness that you have gained could be for different reasons but it must always come from a transformation process and how you have grown from an initial conflict. While you're writing make sure to elaborate on the given events and entertain your audience at the same time. A narration should spark interest and draw readers in to who you are as a person.

What's the purpose of a narrative essay?

  • Make the readers relevant to your history
  • Ensure that your writing is entertaining
  • Illustrate to the audience how a crisis has caused psychological healing
  • Provide others with advice on how to deal with the conflict
  • Talk about insight you've gained and values you have formed as a result of the experience

Writing Details

A narrative essay will guide readers through the story and how it has changed your thoughts or caused emotions. Your writing should elaborate to others how you're feeling by showing them instead of outright telling them. A quality narrative won't only entertain readers but make a point and prove a purpose. You won't only be telling a story but showing others why it's important that you talk about the experience. This opportunity is for you to reflect and teach others about something that has taken place in your personal life.

Your goal is to involve other people in what has affected you and this makes for an intriguing essay. Recreate the incident for your readers. The assignment needs to form a sequence of events and include physical places/real moments in time. Verify that you are 'showing' your readers instead of 'telling' them what has occurred. Describe details, events and settings so that they can go through the experience with you using imagery. Speak of important changes that occurred and whether or not there was a conflict between you and other characters.

This is an Opportunity

Take full advantage of you being able to reflect on your own life using a narrative essay. This is your chance to tell others about an important event. By expressing what has happened and what you've learned you can use it as an opportunity to write about ethics, values and the growth process. Remember that the best stories are both entertaining and believable. When the writing means something to you it makes it a lot easier to include details. You are not tied down to any limitations in this essay because there is no need for research – this is a personal experience that only you can tell. Enjoy the process of explaining who you are, how you changed and what conflict has made you a better person.

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