Abortion Essay: How to Be Persuasive

If you must write an essay about abortion, you will need to work hard to make it persuasive and interesting. Many professors and teachers will no longer allow students to write essays about abortion, because most students are not able to make their essays specific enough to be interesting and persuasive. When you choose this topic, it is best to avoid the typical pro-choice or anti-abortion stance that makes abortion essays so cliche. In order to make your essay persuasive, you should look into secondary topics that are not overused.

Avoid Cliches by Creating a Unique Topic

Avoiding the cliche is the challenge in writing persuasively about abortion. Most people have an opinion about abortion, so you are highly unlikely to change their general idea about the controversial issue. So, you will need to attack the issue from an unexpected angle. Some of the subtopics could include arguing about abortion in rape cases, whether or not minors should be forced to tell their parents, abortion due to birth defect or genetic problems. One of the newest abortion topics is when it is acceptable for plan-b pills to be covered by insurance. These subtopics still discuss abortion, but they cover it from a more specific angle that is much easier to debate appropriately.

Craft a Thoroughly Interesting Hook and Thesis

When you decide how you want to attack the abortion topic, you will need to be sure that you craft an introduction that does not immediately present your opinion. You want to draw in the reader with a well-written hook and then create an unbiased bridge into your biased thesis statement. When you write your thesis, you must be certain that the sentence is arguable. It is very important that you do not say anything like “In this essay, I’m going to write about abortion,” because this will immediately show your teacher that you know absolutely nothing about writing and you cannot argue a statement like this.

Use only Reputable Sources to Back up Your Thesis

Finally, your essay needs to contain information that supports why you are correct and your opponents are wrong. You will need to include statistics and examples from reputable sources. You cannot use sources like “Yahoo!” or “Google” because these are not sources at all, but are rather the search engines to help you find the sources. You should be sure that your sources are professional, educational, or government sources because those are the most reliable. Be sure to refute arguments that your opponents might make. Then, close with a conclusion that restates your main points and ends with a strong restatement of your thesis.

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