Picking Winning Argumentative Essay Topics: 10 Strong Ideas

If you are trying to write an argumentative essay, the purpose of your paper is to present one side of an argument. That means that the topic you select has to be something which is debatable, something which stirs emotions, something which has more than one side, both of which might be equally supported. Your job and all of this is to present your idea in such a way that those reading your paper will convert to your way of thinking and select your side of the argument.

In order to pick a winning argumentative essay topic, you should pick something that you are passionate about.

  1. You can discuss whether the use of domestic drones is beneficial to the nation, in spite of the invasions of privacy they can bring. Is it more important to consider national security, or to try and prevent large fires, or to better control a border, then it is to guarantee constitutional protections of freedom?
  2. You can write about whether pharmaceutical companies should longer be legally allowed to advertise on local television, displaying nothing but symptoms, and encouraging people to watch an advertisement and immediately turn to their doctor asking for a medication to treat a disease that they do not have simply because they saw a commercial for it.
  3. You can argue whether civil unions should be given the same rights as a marriage with regard to visitation in hospitals and power of attorney.
  4. Discuss the benefits of having a permaculture yard.
  5. Discuss the effectiveness of abstinence only education.
  6. Write about whether freedom of speech mandates that creationism should be allowed as an alternative scientific view in classroom settings.
  7. Write about whether credit card companies should not be allowed to send approval notices to 21-year-olds and instead should be forced to only accept applications which an individual has submitted of their own free will.
  8. You might debate with these friends how God himself gives people free will to make mistakes knowing what their punishment will be and he does not intervene in their decisions. And therefore creating laws that restrict people’s ability to act with free will is acting in a more presumptuous fashion than God himself, something which is obviously against the court tenants of the faith.
  9. Write about whether public transportation the form of high-speed rail should be something integrated into America.
  10. Discuss the effects of nationalism on the failing European Union.

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