How to download a sample coursework online

Coursework is most often requested per term. The need to prove that you know what you learnt in the most recent term is part of the studying process. However, convincing the teacher that you know what you are talking about can be the real test.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to get writers block. Although coursework should be easy enough to parrot out onto paper, it takes a certain amount of focus and energy to at least look like you know what you are doing.

Previously written samples can be a great help, but everything seems to be available online these days. So how do you identify the good from the bad? What should you look out for?

Free or paid-for samples

Experience has proved that downloading free samples can be risky. Not only will you have to sift through hidden viruses and ‘Russian bride’ adverts; but also because they contain a lot of plagiarism, are written in the incorrect format and very often not written by someone who has actually completed the subject. Paid for samples will be able to stand the test, providing you with the clarity you need to focus on the content by setting you on the right track regarding format and content.

Related to subject

Don’t waste your time. Start by searching for the main topic you want to write on. Even search by the smaller details you feel could be important. Write down a list of factors that relate to your subject. This will refine your manual searching technique and result in a good example being obtained.

Ensure the sample is relevant to your cause

Next, eliminate the additional findings by establishing your cause. Define your search by the type of paper; make sure it’s similar to what you’ve been asked for. It’s easy to find a paper that’s on the same subject, but from the wrong angle. Be sure to get one that’s completely relevant to what you need.


Look for something that wasn’t written too long ago. Although the article may be interesting, it may just be too outdated to be relevant anymore. Information evolves on a continual basis and finding a contemporary, well written coursework sample is essential in getting the most out of your efforts. Writing styles also change, using an updated form of style can give you the edge.

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