The Age of the Universe

Does anyone really know how old the universe is? This is an interesting concept since for a long time it was thought the world was flat instead of round. The universe is something larger than life itself with researchers and scientists baffled as to how it was developed in the first place. There may be evidence that points to a possible age somewhere in the billions of years. Yet, the age of the universe continues to be an intriguing question to answer since so much has happen during its existence.

Many astronomers have determined the universe to be billions of years old thanks to the Big Bang theory. It has been difficult to know the approximate age of the universe but there are elements scientists have relied on to help them learn more. Humans have been in existence for millions of years and it seems obvious the universe was established well before this. Stars in the universe have been one way of understanding age factors with older stars being used in most comparisons. Evidence shows the universe may be older than many of the oldest stars found.

Another element in consideration includes the expansion of the universe after the Big Bang. The expansion has helped researchers trace a potential origin of the universe and how it has developed leading them to the Big Bang. There are clusters of stars in the universe astronomers also study to help them understand the age limit of the universe. Even the distance of the stars presents something to ponder as if they were closer to the earth there would be so many in the sky while being much closer to the surface.

Studying star clusters and events surrounding the Big Bang have helped in learning more about how the universe originated. The age of the universe is still being challenged due to further understanding surrounding astronomical related elements. More scientists believe the universe is at least 5 billion years old, but other think it may be much older than that. The star clusters have been a huge help in understanding potential age as some have been determined to be at least 20 million years old. While there is evidence pointing to a possible age, there is controversy over what theories hold truth. Measurements and the density of the universe also continue to pose concern over the actual age.

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