English Paper Writing Tips For ESL Students

Students who have learned English as a second language may find all the idioms of English to be difficult and confusing. Add on top of that the many spelling exceptions and word usage oddities, and many ESL students can feel overwhelmed.

If you are part of the rising numbers of ESL student in English-speaking courses and schools, there are tips you can use in writing your English papers. Here are some methods recommended by top colleges and universities for ESL students.

  1. Campus Resources. As an ESL student you may have access to resources on campus – take advantage of all the resources available. Sometimes this includes a room where you can go for assistance in fully understanding the assignment, and improving your writing skills.
  2. Help from your instructor. Nobody understands the assignment better than your own instructor does. Often, they have time scheduled to help students. The more effort he or she sees you putting into the paper, the more he or she is likely to help you.
  3. Use English-speaking proofreaders. Allow yourself several proof readings and revisions. Use a native English speaker to do this for you. You could hire someone online or use someone you know. Be aware that not all native English speakers are good proofreaders.
  4. Use a thesaurus when writing. Many ESL students use a dictionary to help them in their vocabulary choices, but don’t underestimate the power of a thesaurus in conjunction with a dictionary.
  5. Read your essay out loud. ESL students are often more proficient in the spoken language than in its written form. It helps to read your essay out loud to see how it sounds. You may need the help of a native English speaker for the final finishing touches, but going through this exercise is very beneficial.

Remember the old saying that practice makes perfect. Essentially you just need a lot of writing practice and then it will come more naturally and not seem like such a big struggle. Enlisting the help of fellow classmates or teachers or educational aids is probably the single most factor in the writing success of ESL students.

Online writing services that employ native English speaking writers is another option for ESL students to find assistance. These services and agencies have expert writers who can be hired for help in any step of the paper writing process.

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