Always Request a Feedback on Your Essays

The grading of essays can be so subjective. Sure, most instructors try to place marks based on a list of criteria, but when it comes right down to it everyone has a different writing style. How much of the grade is based on ambiguous elements? It’s essential to always ask for feedback on your essays. Then if you have a dispute regarding how your essay was graded, you have something to look at. Your teacher’s notes can help you become a better writer for next time.

Feedback from your peers before you hand in your essay might be even more beneficial, because you can make changes and corrections before you even submit it for grading. Some people are afraid to ask for feedback from anyone because of the possibility – make that probability – there will be negative feedback.

Positive feedback doesn’t help you improve your essay. In fact it does nothing at all except inflate your ego. It’s negative feedback that you should be after. It’s the only kind of feedback that can possibly help you develop into a better writer.

How can negative feedback help you?

Negative feedback shows you exactly where you have room for improvement. For example:

  1. You have spelling errors to correct
  2. You have not properly used your style guide (APA, MLA etc.)
  3. Your reference list is not substantial enough
  4. You have strayed off topic in your writing
  5. Your main ideas don’t support your thesis

And there could be a lot of other areas to improve as well; the above list just names a few. Improving in writing means you need to swallow your pride and really listen to what people are telling you in their feedback.

Think of it as a big favor actually. If you were a ship going off course and someone brought to your attention to alter your course a little so you don’t hit the big iceberg wouldn’t you appreciate them telling you? Think of it the same way in your writing. Negative feedback is someone’s way of helping you steer back on course.

Feedback on your graded essay is also beneficial. It doesn’t help you at the moment with the current essay but it shows you what needs to be done to improve your writing skills for your next essay. Because the feedback comes from your teacher it’s much more relevant than feedback from peers.

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