How to Come Up With Outstanding Essay Topics: Great Ideas

Coming up with unique essay topics can be an interesting and fun process, because good essay topic essay ideas often come to you when you are doing something else for fun—like reading for fun, watching the news like you already do every day, or listening to the radio, or even talking to a friend. I have many friends who spend all day on the web , and certainly surfing the web can give you a literal flood of paper ideas.

Since You’re Already Surfing the Web. . . Why Not Make It Work For You, Idea Wise?

One of the best ways to get ideas web surfing are to first, try this site called Reddit Have you heard of reddit yet? Reddit is a fascinating way to get essay ideas and to learn all about the world. I have a friend who is always telling me fascinating facts about recent advances in medical technology. After looking up some of the more suspicious sounding advances he told me about (only to find out he was telling the truth—we really are growing human ears on the backs of mice, for example—it is even on YouTube) I finally asked him where he was getting all this fascinating info—and he told me about reddit and their TIL system of letting students know about what other people are learning about every day.

For example, a student or adult will hear about a new planet we are researching to find out more about the earth, or we will make an advance toward curing AIDS that just now happened, and the individual will post a post that says TIL (which stands for Today I Learned) and then you can read about our new advances in AIDS cures—for example).

This is one of the best ways to find essay ideas on the web

The other web searching method I recommend is Google – but using it in a certain way. For example – use HALF sentences, not whole ones. Use half sentences such as “Award winning high school student essays” or replace “high school” with college or graduate essays and do not put in a topic—and look over what pops up. This way, you can not only get an idea for your paper, but you will also get the super added benefit of getting a SAMPLE essay along with it to use as a model for your own. Better yet, if it is a research paper you are working on, you can use some of their verified sources in your own paper, as the paper has probably been super checked and sources, page numbers, and credentials of the researchers checked before they would give it a national or even world winning essay.

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