Travel Agent Training

Travel agency is one of the most enjoyable careers that one can have. This is because of the numerous people one meets and the knowledge of places that knows during their work. Despite of the job looking good from the outside, it requires detailed training and a lot of work from within. The training involves teaching the recruits communication skills, basic numerical and accounting knowledge and etiquette. This paper looks at various traits, educational qualifications and experience that one requires to qualify.

Travel agents have the responsibility of ushering people in transit to their new destinations as Chand (23) observes. They book lodgings, arrange transportation and sometimes make the detailed timetable for their clients. For one to perform these activities professionally they must academic qualifications in diploma or degree level in tourism and travel related courses. Computer skills or Information technology are some of the basic requirement that one ought to have before joining the training institution. Personal traits are also important in making the best out of the travel agency business. Although no prior experience is necessary, it comes handy especially when handling complicated travel issues.

The training aims at sharpening the candidates’ abilities and outlook towards the job. The job description includes meeting new clients on a daily basis through phone or in person. Trainers teach their candidates on basic communication skills and etiquette on matters of courtesy. This is necessary because the recruits come from various backgrounds. Secondly, the candidates are taken on basic numerical courses and accounting skills. This is vital because travel agents are involved in ticketing and handling cash for those customers who prefer paying in that mode. Lastly, the training involves basic aptitude tests that measure the capacity of the candidate to make rational decisions.

In conclusion, travel agents are important people as they aid travelers to have convenience in their journey. Because of their work, they require training on basic courtesy, etiquette and accounting skills. Computer skills are a basic requirement that one ought to have before joining the agency training institution according to Chand (53). During the training, basic aptitude tests the capacity of the candidate to make rational decisions. In a nutshell the job is one that many young people wish to join. Ultimately, travel agent training is an important aspect in a candidate’s life because it gives knowledge while preparing them for their jobs.

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