Who Can Help Me With Composing Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Essay writing is a very interesting task that students are supposed to do since early grades. Remember when you were in kinder garden you wrote essays on my best friend, my mother, my pet etc. these were merely 5-6 lined essays and did not require much creativity and efforts. However, as you are promoted to higher grade the complexity and length of the essay changes. Essays can be of many types ranging from descriptive to argumentative and comparison essays. If you are supposed to write an argumentative essay, you can get help from the following

You can get help from your parents

A good place to look for help with your essay is your parents. They might have written dozen of such essays during their academic career. They can be of great help in choosing great topics

You may get help with study guides

Buy yourself some study guides or if you don’t want to buy them you can simply check them at a public or college library. These study guides have a wide range of topics for different forms of essay. You can even find expert written essays as a sample and tips and tricks on how to choose a good topic for argumentative essay

You can find help from the internet

Turn on your personal computer, check the internet connectivity, and go to a search browser. Type in topics for argumentative essay and you will see hundreds of results. You can easily find a good topic from the web. There are thousands of them to choose from

Your teacher can help you

Once you have a few topics that you like and you want to pick one. You can go to your teacher and show them your research. They can better help you with selecting a topic. If you get their opinion in choosing a topic they will most likely appreciate your efforts

Topics for argumentative essays

Do you think global warming and climate change is man-made? Can we control it? How so?

Do you support death penalty? Should it be practiced? Give examples to support your stance

Do we have a fair voting system?

Is violence and torture acceptable?

Is it fair to smoke in public places? Should it be banned? Give reasons

You can use these a few topics. You may modify or edit them as per your preferences

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