Effective Guidelines on How to Write an Interesting Essay

Writing great essays usually doesn’t come naturally and takes some practice before mastering. With this in mind one of the key aspects of writing a great essay is making it interesting for the reader. Don’t think that this means you have to focus only on topics that find their way to the top of the gossip pages. Any topic can be made interesting. The key to writing an interesting essay is to incorporate only the most relevant information on your topic.

Writing a Great Introduction

A great way to make your essay more interesting to your readers is to start with a broad and conclusive hook. This can be an anecdote, a quote, a question or any of a number of writing tricks that sets the theme of your paper. Each sentence that follows should introduce what the major topics you will be discussing are, without providing too much information that it won’t be worth writing about in your body paragraphs. Lastly, end your introduction with a focused and narrow thesis statement that clearly says what side of a topic you will argue for. This is often seen as the most important part of your essay since it sets up the rest of your essay, so be sure to pay special attention to this.

Writing the Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs make up the core of the essay. This is where you should bring up all your main topics that are in support of your introduction as well as your strongest pieces of evidence to back up all of your claims. Your body paragraphs should follow this basic structure: 1) topic sentence; 2) first evidence point; 3) second evidence point; and 4) transition sentence. You may have a few additional supporting statements or analysis to further develop your ideas, but you should make sure that you don’t stray from the topic sentence at any point. Be sure your transition sentence bridges the current paragraph to the next in a logical way. You don’t want your reader confused by the sudden change in focus.

Writing the Conclusion

Your conclusion should rephrase your thesis statement and each of the major arguments presented in your essay. You shouldn’t simply summarize your essay, but you should instead synthesize the information presented and show your audience how it all relates to support your central argument.

Never introduce a new idea or piece of evidence in your conclusion. Your conclusion is meant to transition the reader from your essay back into reality, while leaving them with a critical or provocative thought for them to remember your writing by. You can achieve this by ending your essay with a general statement or an interesting question that inspires further action.

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