How to Benefit from Using Essay Samples

Writing an essay can be one of the most stressful parts of a student’s career. All the rules and requirements that come with formatting and stylizing your essay properly can be overwhelming and frustrating. However, the road gets a little smoother as you become better and better acquainted with the form and get more comfortable with style and rules. This is where essay samples can come in handy. Even if it might seem like an unnecessary waste of time that could be better spent actually writing your essay; reading other essays actually is very beneficial and could do wonders for the essay you are working on.

  • Understand the form: reading essay samples helps to improve your intuitive understanding of the form. If you have to write an essay following a specific style (such as MLA, APA, or Chicago) or following a specific format (such as persuasive, argumentative, or analytical), finding essays which conform to these styles and formats can help you better understand how your own essay should look. Getting your essay into the right style and format is half the battle as many professors can be exceedingly strict about these rules and might mark you down dramatically for failing to meet even the slightest guideline.
  • Learn your own preferences: just as it is with reading literature, the more essays you read, the more you start to understand your own personal likes and dislikes. While some guidelines and formatting requirements are fixed and unavoidable, there are certain stylistic tendencies or flares which personalize these structures and really make the essay your own. By reading a lot of essay samples, you can start to get a better sense of your own style as well as pick up a few tricks and habits from others that appeal to you. This will help improve your essay writing skills over time and help you develop your own personal style that best expresses your voice and talent.
  • Get comfortable with essays: the more essays you read, the more the form becomes familiar and soon the intricacies and complexities of essay writing will become old hat. By reading a lot of essay samples, the guidelines and style really become engrained and it will get easier and easier to follow the rules intuitively without having to look at a style or format guide every 10 seconds to make sure you have it right. You will start to find yourself powering through those essay assignments that once seemed tedious and insurmountable.

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